Raising Exotic Pets at Home

Exotic animals are so interesting that the majority of people really want to keep them as pets. The strange desire to tame and domesticate a potentially dangerous animal peaks the interest of many people. The question here is should this be allowed? Should the average person, or any person for that matter, be allowed to keep an exotic animal as a pet? The short answer is no; they shouldn’t. Here we look why –


Exotic Animals Have Unique Needs

Does the average person have the necessary help, resource, training, finances, medical care insight, and animal know-how required to properly look after an exotic pet? Let’s take a tiger for example. A tiger’s basic needs are raw meat and water. Sounds easy enough so far, right? But wait, there are a few more needs that a tiger has; he to be able to roam a large radial territory, hunt the live raw meat before eating it and keep all other predators out of his land. This is the basic instinct within a tiger. No matter how much you try to tame one, this is still in their mind. Exotic animals cannot completely think for themselves; they run on instincts. You can trick them for a while, maybe, but in the end, their instinct will always kick in, and someone will be involved in an incident!



Now, you may be thinking that by endangerment, I am referring to the animal being endangered. Now, yes, that is also a factor. An endangered animal should never be looked after by some random person; they should be in sanctuaries where they are safe to preserve the species. What I mean is the endangerment to the human populace wherever that exotic animal is. There have been incidents of violent attacks from exotic animals from tigers and snakes to kangaroos and deer! The fatality rate caused by exotic animals being kept as pets has steadily increased over the years to the point where someone is killed every couple of months! How is it reasonable or even sane to continue approving and sanctioning keeping these dangerous animals as pets? I don’t mean to sound harsh; these are wonderful creatures that should be loved and respected. However, they should be loved and respected by leaving them in the wild where they belong so they can follow the instincts that are buried into their DNA.

The Main Difference Between a Domestic Pet and an Exotic Pet

There is one chef factor that separates a domesticated pet and an exotic pet. A domesticated pet does not actively endanger the people that look after it and those around them; whereas an exotic pet does. It’s as simple as that. Regardless of any naturistic reason for not wanting exotic animals to be pets, endangerment to a single human being should be reason enough. So please, if you or someone you know is keeping one of these dangerous, yet wonderful animals as a pet, contact a professional now and have them release the animal back where it belongs; in the wild.