This is a question that doesn’t seem to have a straight answer. There are many arguments that are for and against the concept of living with your parents. In some areas of the world, it is socially acceptable to leave the house once you turn 18, and in other areas of the world you’re welcome to and expected to stay at your parent’s house until you find a job. However, more often than not, the child that has grown up in the house is expected to at some point become an independent adult. Let’s have a look at some of the cases in which it’s okay to live with your parent, and in which cases it might be considered a shameful thing to do.

1.     You’re looking for a job

So you went to college, did better than average, and are expecting to find a job anytime soon. This shouldn’t be a problem. You can stay at your parents’ house for as long as you’re actively searching for a job and being helpful around the house while you’re at it. If you’re being a lazy person at home, not helping out with the chores, then you should try and leave immediately, because you’re not the teenager you used to be, and will not be appreciated at home if you’re being a lazy mouth to feed. You really need to be as helpful as you can in order to receive the emotional and financial support from your parents that you’re looking for. If you’re not doing this, you might be asked to leave, and even if you’re not asked to leave, your parents still resent the fact that you’re at home when you shouldn’t be.

2.     You don’t do anything

You’ve managed to live your whole life as a failure, and are now happily living an anti-social or extra social life in your parents’ house. Either you’re on the internet all day, or you’ve got lousy and rude friends over all day (because people with good personalities are going to avoid you at all costs). You’ll be wasting your parents hard earned money for an unspecified amount of time, and they won’t have any choice but to let you live there as you have absolutely no where else to go. Stop taking advantage of their good hearts, get up, and find yourself a job. You need to get out of your parents’ house and stop taxing them immediately. The type of lifestyle you’re living right now is indeed shameful, and you shouldn’t expect anyone to respect you in any form once they’ve heard how and where you’re living. Develop some respect for yourself and the money that your parents are making, and move out immediately. There is absolutely no reason you should continue staying there. You can discuss this with your parents, and they’ll be more than happy to assist you while you try to find yourself a better way to live.

If you have a job, and are willingly living with your parents while supporting them and yourself, that isn’t much of a problem.