Preparing Your Property for Sale
Preparation for selling your property is all about maximising desirability. This needs to be done inside and out so that the first impression of your property creates an instant positive impact and leaves a lasting impression.
This can be done cheaply and effectively and does not need to be massively time-consuming. Kerbside appeal is crucial to that first impression, so make sure the garden is tidy. Mow the lawn, cut down or prune any untidy plants, weed the borders and smarten up any edges so that it looks presentable. If you do not have a front garden, placing a couple of attractive pots with bright flowers outside looks pretty and welcoming.
Do the same with the back garden and apply weedkiller to paths and patios where necessary. Paving stones become grubby over time so a quick scrub down with a mild detergent solution and a bass broom will bring them up a treat.
The exterior of the house is often neglected, so check the doors and windows. Does the front door need a lick of paint or a wash? Could the windows do with a clean? You can probably do these yourself just to brighten them up and remember to wipe down the window sills as well – it really will make all the difference.
Indoors, cleanliness is crucial and ensuring the house is neat and tidy will be a major selling point. Potential buyers do not always see beyond clutter so if your house is messy and unkempt, it can create an impression of being dirty and unwelcoming. Buyers generally want to feel the house has been loved and that there isn’t an awful lot of immediate work they will need to do when they move in.
Carpets in particular accumulate dirt and odours so it’s worth getting these cleaned. Find carpet cleaners local to you and arrange for this to be done before your first viewings. Wash net curtains or wipe down window blinds and windows so that the property looks light and bright. Create a welcoming scent by using wood- or furniture-polish when dusting prior to a viewing, and a vase of fresh flowers here and there will help to enhance the ambience.
Spray your curtains with a suitable upholstery freshener and ensure toilets and bathrooms are spotless. People looking for that perfect new house will buy with their eyes first and then their heart. Ultimately, their budget will decide what they choose but there is a lot you can do yourself to create that initial wow factor. For more professional help with carpets and floor coverings, check out carpet cleaners local to your area to spruce up your floors and give your rooms a breath of fresh air.